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Vintage coins, Asia Marquet

Vintage coins/ Stare monety

      Welcome everyone:) For my today’s post I’ve prepared (for the first time ever) a set of Trading Coins. These cons are an equivalent of ATC, but of corse they are round in shape and have a diameter of 6,35 cm (2,5 inches). Creating them was...

Infusions background

My takes on Infusions stains:)

Here are few test pages done with Infusions. I just bought them very recently (infusions, not pages;) and this is my way of learning how and what to do with them:) They are lovely BTW, unusual to me because they have this brown walnut- color pigment in them,...

Mixed media layout- believe in love

Believe in Love- mixed media layout

This is the layout which was inspired by  by the idea of giving the second life to the “useless” household objects. The sentiment on it-  “Believe in love” was added thinking, of course, about February and all this Valentine’s celebration:) To do this layout I reused straws, cardboard...