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Mixed media layout- winter

Tis the season to be jolly- Mixed Media page

It’s not snowing yet. But the streets are already decorated for Xmas.  So this is the best time, I guess, to create the winter pages. And believe it or not, the background for this page I did over one year ago and it was just there, in my...


Textured page- Give the ones you love…

So today it’s about how one simple thing can give you one of the best texture ever;) Sounds mysterious? Probably for any Mixed-Media artist it doesn’t, as they well know how to use scraps and pieces of everything lying around:) This story is about a napkin which I...


Mixed media layout- Love, Father

This is a very special layout- not only because it’s the first I’ve made and published. It is also very personal. But I needed to share it with you anyway:)

Moj wewnetrzny swiat

All about the circles

Kuku and hello, As always I am struggling with a permanent lack of time. Somehow I’ve managed to do few pages  for my Art Journal, but to put them online- this is a totally different story. Internet does not really agree with me:)  So the pages I’ve created...