Home factory of Lemon Creation- SPRAY PAINTS:)

To make my own spray paints I’ve used:

  • empty spray bottles
  • rubbing alcohol or mineral water (personally I prefer paints make with water, I find that they have nicer colors and they don’t dry too quickly leaving me some time to play with the colors)
  • food colorings (the only one I came across in France are in liquid form, so it’s very easy to create different colors)
  • acrylic paints (for colors more opaques)
  • permanent markers works fine as well

How to make them? Easy:)

  • prepare the  empty bottles, trim the straw inside so it doesn’t touch the bottom (pigments will not be able to enter inside it and clog it up
  • fill up bottles with the mixture of paint (or colorant) and water- the intensity of mixture depends totally on your preferences, but I like my paints with strong colors. If acrylics are used, the more paint added to water, the more opaque the end effect will be, which is not always a good thing:/
  • shake it well, check the created color, use it:)
  • put the stickers on the bottles to find easily the needed color

Making paints with permanent markers:

  • prepare the empty bottle as indicated above
  • fill it up with rubbing alcohol
  • transfer the measured alcohol to the plastic cup
  • unscrew the marker
  • remove the color filter from inside it ( please, please use gloves!!! Otherwise the dye will stay on your hands for few good days:)
  • cut it along its length so the dye can leave it more easily
  • put the filter into the alcohol which is in the plastic cup
  • leave it for more-less one hour
  • when happy with the color intensity remove the filter and squeeze it  as not to waste any dye
  • use funnel to transfer the mixture to the empty bottle
  • shake it, use it:)

It’s also good to remember to clear the nozzle each time after spritzing  to prevent the paint from clogging. And always shake it well before use. Store them in upright position. It’s also good to add  metal ball inside each bottle (like the ones in nail varnishes) to shake it more easily. Ok, I admit that home-made sprays are not as good color wise as some of them on the market, but at least you can create your own colors. Which, sometimes, is priceless:)