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Box of Wonders

Box of Wonders / Pudelko Dziwów

Witam Was wszystkich,   Dzisiaj, w moim pierwszym poście jako designer dla Snip-Art, chciałam Wam pokazać moje przerobione pudełko. Aby go zrobić, jako bazę i dodatki na wierzchu, użyłam pięknych gwiazdek od Snip-Art, jak i dużo innych ozdób- Art Stones (Finnabair), przezroczystych kamyków, koronki, metalowych dodatków i mgiełek...

Dream catcher- Love

Altered dream catcher- Love

This is my last entry to the ITAC’17 challenge:) It’s been a fun! Again I went out of my comfort zone (which is definitely journaling:). But I do love dream catchers! I’ve already made a few, and this one I decided to make differently. I worked around coiled...


Stones project- my family

Hi again, I want to show you today another project I did with found objects. There is so many pictures on Pinterest with similar projects- feet, flowers, snails, etc,  but I really wanted to do something which will relate somehow to my family 🙂  Finally I managed to...

Tag with a brush- Stand Out

Tag with a brush- Stand out

I am upcycling today:) Paint brushes and crayons to be exact:) Mainly to fit my project to the challenge on Scrapki- Wyzwaniowo blog, but also because I have no other use for them ( crayons are the cheap, children type and even my children don’t want to use...

Mixed media layout- believe in love

Believe in Love- mixed media layout

This is the layout which was inspired by  by the idea of giving the second life to the “useless” household objects. The sentiment on it-  “Believe in love” was added thinking, of course, about February and all this Valentine’s celebration:) To do this layout I reused straws, cardboard...

Altered frame, Mixed media

Altered frames- hair pins & earrings holders

  Today I am back with my hand-made frames. They are customized to serve as a hair pins or earrings holders. I really, really love this idea. Easy to do and so, so handy. My daughter loves it, but I think it pleases me even more than her;)...