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Come fly with me- Art journal page for Rubber Dance, video tutorial

Welcome back! Happy to see you here and as always for tis tutorial and more detailed photos I am inviting you to visit  Rubber Dance blog and hopefully you’d like what I’ve prepared for you today:) It’s an easy page, but this is also my favourite type of...

Dream catcher- Love

Altered dream catcher- Love

This is my last entry to the ITAC’17 challenge:) It’s been a fun! Again I went out of my comfort zone (which is definitely journaling:). But I do love dream catchers! I’ve already made a few, and this one I decided to make differently. I worked around coiled...

Art Journal spread- See possibility everywhere

Circles in blue- Art Journal spread

I am coming back to my favourite circles- it’s always so good to do something “easy”:) It still  took me a while to finish it. Sometimes I just work like that- I do a little bit, than add something else, than come back again to the page after...

Trust in you,  Think and wonder

Trust in you- Mixed Media page

And so I am coming back with new circles🙂 They kind of happen quite often I must say, but they also bring me a lot of joy. The background here was made based on the tutorials by Marta Lapkowska– which means for me a looooot of texture, but...

Hold on Tight

Hold on tight- acrylics and spray paints

    This is MY TYPE OF PAGE- mystical, darkish but with some light coming from behind to meet the person who looks long enough:) That’s my interpretation anyway:)  And to top all of that the violet.  And the circles:) No secrets if it comes to the technique:...

Moj wewnetrzny swiat

All about the circles

Kuku and hello, As always I am struggling with a permanent lack of time. Somehow I’ve managed to do few pages  for my Art Journal, but to put them online- this is a totally different story. Internet does not really agree with me:)  So the pages I’ve created...