ICAD- process video

ICAD- And let it fly away

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  1. Asia,
    I am not quite sure how I have stumbled on to your blog…It is 4 am and I sit here reading about you and your art and think, this gal has talent- why don;t we see more of her here in the US?
    Your journal pages are excellent and I just love the circle ones especially!
    Speaking of talent…your stencils are awesome and your stamps are so very cool!! Why don’t you think of getting hooked up with a manufacture for your designs? I would love some of your stamps!
    A few I can think of off the top of my head are
    And for your stamps, maybe

    Just a thought, maybe sell your designs and make a bit of cash and notoriety at the same time!

    hugs & best wishes,Jackie “)

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